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Reputable exclusive actress Mio Kimio becomes a female sex handle manager in a boxing club. In the club room where I was alone with the director, when I was physically demanded of me, I indulged in sex with a calm appearance. As the boys were waiting in the club room, they were blamed and squirted while spreading their shaved pussies as if to show off. Continuous squirting means ejaculating on the face and hair. It became an outlet for the desires of the young and lustful male members, using their upper and lower mouths to grab the curved meat, continuing to feel it while bowing their heads. A manager who is always obedient in providing sexual services is too lewd. Full of highlights.

ABP-337 The class president is crazy about sex
ABP-337 The class president is crazy about sex
 Movie Code: ABP-337 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Mio Kimio 
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