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Virgin girls being impregnated with smartphones are allowed by the government but are probably unmatched. As part of global measures against extremely low birth rates, the government has officially decided to distribute "smartphones with event applications" to men who may become pregnant, which is promoted experimentally. With this, Nagata, a boring virgin student, finally got his long-awaited month-long event privilege. The first time he matched with him was Mitsuki Nagisa, a beautiful girl who had just transferred to another school. Somehow she has a shadow, and yes she has a reason. Nagata, who did not know about such things, believed that an event would take place as a matter of course, so he approached her and impregnated her in the name of an event, but... At that time, Little did he know that the meeting between him and her would be the catalyst for a major event later...

SORA-464 Inviting an innocent female student for love
SORA-464 Inviting an innocent female student for love
 Movie Code: SORA-464 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Nagisa Mitsuki 
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