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Sora Amakawa is a newly graduated nurse who is interning at a clinic introduced by an acquaintance. Has to work with patients who stay for long periods of time and does more work at the clinic than at home. causing her to gradually lose feelings for her boyfriend. It was because she was always meeting men that made her come up with the idea of seducing these guys to compensate for the sexuality in her body, experiencing Going through the first patient and feeling that he was interested made her become more involved in this way of resuscitating the patient, and they spread the word that she had excellent cock sucking and horseback riding skills, so the clinic became more and more There were many customers and she became more and more satisfied. We invite you to explore the movie about this lustful nurse. In my opinion, the quality of the movie is quite high =))

MIAA-886 Young female nurse with special care
MIAA-886 Young female nurse with special care
 Movie Code: MIAA-886 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Sora Amakawa 
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