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A habit is something very scary, it is even scarier than a disease because the disease has a cure but there is no special medicine to help people break a habit. The wives in the movie are typical, just because of the habit of undressing while sleeping and getting into their familiar bed every night, it causes truly disastrous consequences. Today Ren Usui's husband's close friend came to visit. They held a small party, but because they drank too much and the house only had one bed, Kaname Otori and his wife had to sleep on the floor, giving the bed to their friend. husband's. In the middle of the night, Kaname Otori suddenly woke up because she felt very uncomfortable because she always wore only underwear when sleeping, but today because there were guests, she had to wear full clothes. At that time, I was still dreaming. She was so confused that she unconsciously took off all her outer clothes and jumped into bed to sleep next to her husband's best friend without even realizing it. This made the other guy wake up. He accidentally saw her naked body and was a little drunk, so he couldn't control himself. He started to slowly attack his friend's wife below...

ABP-610 Sleeping with your husband's co-workers
ABP-610 Sleeping with your husband's co-workers
 Movie Code: ABP-610 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Kaname Otori 
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